The correct way to run effectively

Running, one of the most effective and popular way of exercise. Because of its low cost, anyone of any age, gender, and financial state can do it. However, in order to reap out the benefits from this form of exercise as much as possible, you need to do it in the correct way. What is the correct way, you might ask? Well, in this article, we will answer that question for you.

Heads up

You are not running on dangerous terrain like mine field or anything like that, so there is no need to constantly looking down on the road or at your feet while running. That will cause too much unnecessary action, which can drag you down and decrease the effectiveness of the exercise. Run with your head up to see where you are going and maybe lean a little bit forward to gain momentum. This will give you become more confident while running and reap out the benefits of it.

Relaxing pose

Running is not meant to be done harshly and stiffly, it must be gently and softly. Swing your arms moderately and rhythmically so as to run faster and more effectively and do not, under any circumstances, form a fist while running. Instead, imagine that you are holding gently an egg or a small cup in the hand. Don’t stiffen your shoulders as well.


The length of the stride should be the one that you can comfortably repeat again and again, not only for a first few meters. The ideal number of strides is anything above 42 per 30 seconds. Do a quick test and count your stride to see if you are at this number or not. If you are less than that, shorten your stride to increase the speed. It will definitely feel awkward at first but over time you will get used to it and get faster as well.

Know your strength

If you are not physically fit, start slowly. You are not competing to be better than anyone else, you are competing to be better than you were yesterday. Therefore, choose the distance that you think you can handle and start running. If you fall short, don’t think too much about it and try again. Then, as you progress further, increase that distance or decrease the amount of time needed to complete that distance. Keep on believing that you can run better as each day goes by and eventually it will become a reality.

 Avoid dehydration

You never want this to happen to your body. When your body is running short on water, fatigue starts to kick in and you will start to feel tired with each stride. Drink enough water before, during and after the run is a great way to prevent this. During the run, you can carry a small bottle of water with you to have a quick refill whenever you need.

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