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Best motivation movies on 123movies

motivation movies


A friend of mine once said:” Tomorrow is the place that keeps 99% of our power, energy, and motivation. Admit it, when you are lazy you always try to make up excuses for not doing your job by saying that “I’ll do it tomorrow”. But where is this “tomorrow”? Nobody knows exactly. They just saying that to not feel bad about themselves. So what do we do in situations that when we feel so lazy and don’ want to do anything? My advice is to rest, find a good movie or book that can motivate you to enjoy. And to save your time, I’m going to give you a list of the best motivation movies that you can find on 123, which is a really good source of free movie streaming. Now, let’s get on to it.

1. Shawshank Redemption (1994)

 Shawshank Redemption


This has always been one of the greatest movies of all time. And in my opinion, this movie can be a life-changing experience for many people. The story is about Andrew, a bank accountant, he was sentenced to a lifetime in prison after the judge declared him guilty of killing his wife and her lover. Andrew was taken to the Shawshank prison and was caught in many troubles. But during the time in prison, he learns how to live a proper life and makes great friends. And he has help making the Shawshank prison become better. But later he discovered that the director of the prison is making illegal money and things start to go bad for his crew.

2. Forest Gump (1994)

Forest Gump


Forest Gump was a man with an intelligent of only 70. He was born without a father and had been bullied by his friend when he was a child. But that doesn’t stop him from having a wonderful life. His life was a fantastic adventure that every man would want to have. He has inspired many people in many ways that even he couldn’t understand. And the words when he said to the love of his life Jenny – his childhood friend, “I’m maybe stupid but I know what love is” has sent a really strong message to us. That even the most stupid man has the ability to live a happy life and have a great love. So why can’t we, the normal people can’t?

3. The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

The Pursuit of Happiness


The movie is based on a real story about a salesman that is struggling to take care of his son while trying to give them both a better life. He has lost his job, his wife was leaving him and he only has a couple of dollars in his pocket. But that doesn’t stop him from pushing throw that barrier to become the most successful investor and found a million dollar company. His story has been an inspiration for many people included me. His name is Chris Gardner. I will not talk too much about the content because it’ll spoil the movie, just watch it and feel it with your mind. One of the most inspirational movies I’ve ever watched.