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How to choose a multimeter for your needs



In this post, I’m going to give you a clear understand about multimeter, what are they and how they are used. If you’re still new to this automotive diagnostic devices, I’m sure this post will help you a lot when choosing the best multimeter.

What is it?

What is it


A multimeter is an automotive device that is used to measure the electricity current, like the AC and DC or even resistance. With this brilliant device, you can have yourself an ammeter, an ohmmeter, and a voltmeter without using each type separately. This device is used by automotive experts to diagnose any malfunctions, therefore, enable them to find the cause of their problems. There are two types of multimeter, analog and digital. Analog multimeter has a bar which can show the exact detail of the electric current inside the devices. The users will have to adjust their multimeter in order to get the best result. The digital one is a little bit different, it often has a display screen that shows all the needed information.

How to choose?

So what to look for when buying a multimeter? This column here will give you the exact answer.


If you only testing current with the maximum 30V then you probably won’t have to worry about this. But when the circuit gets above that, you should really consider choosing a safe multimeter. You need to look for those with an internal blast shield. Devices with a sufficient input protection is really a good choice when dealing with this matter.

Digital or analog

Digital and analog


I’m not going to say which one is better, there is only the one that suits you more than the other. The analog one is usually known as VOM which stands for Voltmeter – Ohmmeter – Milliammeter. Like how it sound, the VOM can only use with three type of measurement. On the flip side of the coin, the digital meter often has more than just three, you can find very interesting additional features. But there is a problem with a digital multimeter, they often have a much larger impedance than the analog ones. Therefore, this can affect the sensitivity of your measurement.

What brand should you buy?

There are many types and brands on the market but only some of them can stand above others. Fluke is the firm that has been dominating the multimeter market for a long time and their products are always very good. You could also find your multimeter with Agilent, although they still haven’t caught up to Fluke.

Learning About of Playing HEADAMP and Headphones



To correspond to hear from the headphone sound, a student spent more than 1,000 dollars to buy a headphone that he loves. And yet, the player that he’d bought student cost nearly $ 2,000. And to complete the collection, he added a HEADAMP shopping for almost 1,000 dollars. In total, with the ‘gear’ for a total value of approximate headphones over 4 thousand dollars.

Tony, a store employee a sound in a big city, who recounted the story on, added: “The students now have headphones hobby very sophisticated and professional, rather than put money into the game or other things, then you decide to choose to play audio, headphones playing .” If you want to find the best headphone, I recommend you to visit here for get more information about best headphones under 100 on the market.

HEADAMP – A Device Supports Audio For Headphones



HEADAMP (headphone amplifier) ​​is a device used to amplify sound, similar operational amplifier (sound-isolation) in music system, family karaoke. The difference of HEADAMP than conventional amplifier is a compact device, used for portable music players, phones, and sometimes a laptop.

HEADAMP, as well as any special equipment other audio, for those who have high demands on the quality of the music. As well as a basic sound system must include Disc player (audio source), amplifier, and speakers; portable music players to have the 3: a digital audio sources such as portable music players or mobile phones, HEADAMP, and headset

The majority of the music player or mobile phone has a built-in amplifier; users simply plug the headphones into the audio enjoy. However, for more demanding, players needed a professional equipment and specialized as HEADAMP to do a better job of the audio amplifier, which for better music quality.

There is no documentation about the life history of HEADAMP but clearly, it appeared after the amplifier media, and perhaps following the date of mobile music devices. When the demands of the portable music player up, a device like HEADAMP to birth is necessary.



Headphone And DAC

Before buying HEADAMP, required to have a headphones ‘genuine’ and a source of good music. Because of course if poor quality music source, or not enough expensive headphones, the plug HEADAMP like is amplified to add to the poor nature of the music.

A good headset depending on the money to own, though more expensive, the price difference between them more difficult to find. With ordinary users, at prices ranging from 100 to 300 dollars for an earpiece is enough. The popular brand headphones often have seen as Koss, Audio-Technica, AKG, Beats, Sennheiser … In the higher price range, only the professional players to evaluate the difference between the headset.

According to Tom, a player often coordinates and combine a player with HEADAMP, while the mobile phone, Tom often advise customers to buy a device 2 in 1 is HEADAMP / DAC, the newly enhanced sound quality. Because DAC (digital-to-analog converter) is the device decode the digital signal from an analog signal to the (analog), helps improve sound quality for mobile phones, combined with existing features will HEADAMP create a good mobile player including mobile-HEADAMP / DAC-headphone.


Some Effective Ways to Clean Water in The Aquarium

Aquarium water


If you have aquariums, the water bottle in the tank automatically will save a lot of time and effort. Even more people because too much water changes will make water and fish die. To solve this problem, I would like to share with you one of the following ways highly effective in keeping water in the fish tank is always clean. Besides it, you can check here for getting best canister filters on the current market. The canister filters is the most useful device to process the water.

Using Biological Additives

Certainly, the fish tank that you must have to use a good water filter system operate 24 / 24h, the new fish tank clean is a part, but you can use more combinations of substances. They are derived from raw materials biological water purification in the tank; the additives increase efficiency always keeping a clean aquarium water as well as limit the pathogens causing the aquarium.

Biological Additives


  • The biological additive effect of the individual classification of waste disposal and waste products, excess food in the tank, the solids suspended in water, while increasing the oxygen content in the water to fish.
  • Help for the water in the tank that has not Moss: There are several species of fish can not keep with the clean tank, so your lake often appears heavy or light green moss if the moss that was not visible to the naked eye is. You rub your hand on the glass in the pool will see the viscous layer. Biological additives will handle this matter.
  • Promoting the development of beneficial bacteria for aquarium fish, destroy the harmful bacteria
  • Prevention, prevention of some diseases common in the aquarium
  • When using biological additives to clean the water, then you absolutely should not use disinfectants, antibiotics directly, as this will reduce or lose the effect of additives bio.

Currently, on the market that sells a wide variety of biological additives for water treatment in the aquarium, you must check the products, their credibility before use

Using Probiotics

In addition to the enzyme as protease, lipase, amylase, lactose … also provide additional beneficial live bacteria were prepared in the form of small particles to:




  • Biodegradable waste thoroughly, fish leftovers
  • Removes foul smell of the fish tank, clean and beautiful watercolors helping to stabilize in the long term
  • Addition of beneficial microorganisms for aquarium and help curb the healthy fish pathogens
  • For the soft drink sea water, mix …
  • Use same time dosage prescribed.


Using the

Canister Filters


Classification In The Aquarium Filter

Biological filtration: this is the most important filter in the aquarium because it kind of hazardous waste

Mechanical filter: This filter type does not help water and dirt

Chemical Filter: This filter type can stabilize the chemical composition of your aquarium. Chemical impurities dissolved in water, so often a mechanical filter can not remove them, but the chemical filter can do this. Filter type is the most common chemical used carbon filter

UV lamp: This type of work helps kill harmful bacteria, algae and parasites exist in aquarium

Some Tips When Using the Avalon Bay Air Fryer

If you like the traditional way used barbecue charcoal stove, wood stove fragrant food but also accompanied by coal dust and flying particles stick to the food, and when fat from food to flow into coal appears the smoke, the electric Avalon Bay Air fryer can solve almost any disadvantages. Depending on demand, you can choose the product that best suits your usage purposes. Besides, you can visit here for more information on avalon bay air fryer review.  

The Advantage of Using The Avalon Bay Air Fryer

AVALON BAY AIR FRYERThis is a kind of modern kitchen appliances help your family have a delicious barbecue in addition to cold weather, the grill also easy to move, and how simple sanitation. Avalon flying air fryer will be the perfect choice for your party. Together looking

Guide for Using The Avalon Bay Air Fryer

  • Step 1: You prepare the food fresh and tasty
  • Step 2: Plug into a power outlet and you adjust for the fryer to heat up.
  • Step 3: When the fryer has heated up, you use a small spoon or broom sweep a little oil on the surface of the fryer
  • Note: Do not let the hot fryer too long without missing any ingredient on the surface of the fryer.
  • Step 4: Put the ingredients into the prepared baking.
  • Step 5: Once you have cooked food off the grill temperature and fed electricity to the outside.
  • Step 6: Once finished cooking could bring sanitation and preservation fryer dry place protected from moisture.

Preservation Release Agent Surface Of Fryer

Non-stick coating on the surface of the paint fryer is thick, clinging; there are many different types of coatings, so durability is also different. Therefore, preserving them from the first use, you should use wooden spoon feed flip the surface, avoid metal objects causing flaking and peeling, paint damage.

Hygiene After Using The Avalon Bay Air Fryer

You should pay attention to you clean; you must unplug before cleaning, sanitation equipment. To keep the surface of the electric grill clean and prolong the life of the device, you need to clean after each use with warm water, soapy water, cleaned and dried.

To Avalon flying air fryer and product, components to cool before cleaning implemented. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasive metal. Do not allow vinegar, coffee, milk, salted water, lemon juice or tomato juice in contact with the surface blisters in a long time. To keep the device in the best condition after use, the device must be treated with the commercially available product on the market makes the product surface clean. This helps prevent corrosion fryer. Do not use water spray device for cleaning products

Note The Use Of The Product

All sample products are coated with a layer of non-stick material similar to a non-stick pan; the non-stick layer will decrease with time efficiency and then the food can cause fires. Therefore, to use the kitchen for long and reliable, you need to be careful when cleaning the kitchen after use, do not use hard materials and rubbing the grill surface will cause flaking, broken stick coating.

Also, when cleaning the grill, you need to avoid wetting the electrical contact portion of the kitchen causing leakage and malfunctioning. Do not let children near or touching the stove when in use.

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Studying about Embroidery and Embroidery Products

 The embroidery products currently on the market usually have three categories: computerized embroidery, embroidery machines, and handmade embroidery bangles. Among them, handmade embroidery is considered the high-end products. If you want to find out more about embroidery machine, you can visit here for knowing Top Rate Singer Embroidery Machine beside the useful information.

Embroidered With Support From Computer

From computerized embroidery usually applied to large orders for machines running very fast, and a lot of head embroidery machine frame. Computerized embroidery is very diverse with a variety of stitches, can the beads, colored and color coordinated with the computer. The advantage is the high accuracy, all finished products are the same a very standard way, even complex shapes with anywhere. The cost of computer embroidery much lower than with other types of embroidery, and special products from the embroidery machine embroidery should be very reliable, without washing hands. However the downside of this method is unable embroidered the image is too detailed, too much color, and sharpness of an image is not sharp embroidery. Emotionally, they are often looking not computerized embroidery soft, slightly rough to the touch and can not be embroidered on the fabric or thin or fine limp

Hand Embroidery Machine

Hand embroidery machines that use the embroidery machine is shaped like sewing machines, only a pinhead, and embroiderers need manual control and foot, replace colors only in stages embroidery. This hand-embroidered shaker type used much because of the beautiful, much faster time hand embroidery and so costs are also lower. Due also from machine embroidery, should the downside of embroidery is very clean, little clues sign, there is a layer only with colored canvas called bottom lines, intertwined very closely with the color only on the surface, called road just above. List of embroidery machines the bracelet does not reach such high accuracy of computerized embroidery for control by workers and each product a downside is very limited number of colors.

Embroidery Crafts

Handmade embroidery on pinterest is a traditional embroidery requires technical sophistication and virtuosity. Advantages of embroidery craft are complex, the variations of stitches, color coordination is much different, and gloss – smooth surface of the embroidery is excellent. The biggest difference to create product-class embroidery that is very emotional, very “soul.” Hand embroiderers often stick with a product for so long, sometimes up to monthly, yearly. Each embroidery is not just for decoration, but in the smallest needles and sutures, each color also contain magical beauty, hidden philosophy of man, philosophy … and there, embroiderers has put all emotions and their dedication to the implementation. A point can be considered a defect or can also see the advantages of using handmade embroidery as the “inaccuracies” in the finished product, but the same pattern, but these products are not identical. And so, embroidered fashion always brings uniqueness, differences. Moreover, there are stitch embroidery machine does not replace being

With hands full of ingenuity and sophistication, with sophisticated products, they have contributed a new color to the traditional embroidery increasingly sublimation