Month: June 2017

Tips to learn a language fast

Learning a new language takes time. However, depending on your mother tongue, your language skills and your target language, some might take longer, some will not. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks to speed up the learning process by leaps and bounds. Please note that these are just your aid, the rest is still up to you. Here goes:

1/ Lots of listening

Just think of how you learned your language as a baby and replicate that. When you were a baby, you heard a lot of people speaking and then simply imitate them. If you didn’t know what was being spoken, you then asked your parents and they explained it to you and tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.lots of listening

As an adult, you just have to do everything all over again, but this time in another language. Study with materials that are slightly above your level and use your experience to understand what is being said based on the context.

2/ Pronunciation

Have a look at all the letters in the alphabet and try to categorize them into the following:

Sounds that are the same as your mother tongue.

Sounds that are similar to some letters of your mother tongue.

Sounds that don’t exist in your mother tongue.

Knowing this, you will know which sound you need to put extra effort into so that you get correctly the standard pronunciation. After that, choose one type of accent of the language that you like, and work on that for the most part. If there are some sounds that you just can’t seem to reproduce correctly no matter how hard you try, go with something close, natives speaker wouldn’t mind.

3/ Speaking

This is the skill that will let you connect with people but it is also the most challenging skills for the majority. The problem is that they are afraid of making mistakes and think that people will laugh if there is a problem with their pronunciation. This is the mindset that prevents them from even talking in the first place.

Speaking english will surely help

You need to get out of your comfort zone start connecting with people. Natives people have the ability to tell that you are not a native right from the beginning. Therefore, it is no use to wait until you have a perfect accent to start speaking. Just speak to them and they will understand you perfectly and will gladly correct you.

4/ Material

Learning language is a long journey, but that does not necessarily mean a boring one. There are countless learning materials right on the internet, so you just have to do a quick research to find out what suits you. If you like movies, you can watch free movies online with subtitle or download them to your computer. If you like music, listening to your favorite genre of music helps as well. With that, you will have more motivation to learn the language and the knowledge will stay in your head for much longer.

That was what we have to say. We hope that the information is of good use and that you will succeed in learning your language.