What is reverse osmosis system

In this society where the world is growing rapidly, the environmental pollution is one of the most essential problems that we all need to concern about. And water pollution affects seriously to our daily life.

RO system

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To solve this water pollution problem, many inventors have created a system which can purify water to fresh water called R.O system (reverse osmosis system).


First of all, we might want to how was this system been created? The R.O system was invented by the U.S Navy to put drinking water on submarines. It’s obviously that if any systems that can remove sodium and all the other mineral contents from sea water to make it drinking water that would be an incredibly effective system. And that what reverse osmosis is.

How does it work

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How does this system work?

First of all, we have to make sure that the water that is going the R.O system is soft, ion-free, so that what have thought of before putting water into the system.

R.O system is one of the most effective ways to remove impurities without using expensive filters. This reverse osmosis water filter review is highly recommended by experts because of its usefulness and affordability, you can find great products with awesome features. Unlike other filters that must be frequently replaced for wasting the environment. This helps to produce clean water for your family’s need.

Most of reverse osmosis systems are now capsulated filters and they all work in the same manner. They have a pre-filter or a combo pre-filters which can take chemicals out of your water before reaching to the next filter. The second filter of the system is where the magic happen.  At this moment is the separation of wasted water to product water. The water comes in the small drain so if you get more water running to this filter then you probably got some problems with the system. Once the separation happens, it sends wasted water to the drain and the good water to your holding tank. The holding tank is usually a bottle with an extra air-pressured bag to help you keep a huge amount of water. So when you start using water from your own sink, the water is then forced out of the tank by air –pressured bag, pass through the last filter to purify one last time and then come out from the sink.

Benefits of using the system

Benefits of using the system

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  • It obviously brings you a better option of using fresh water at home.
  • Improve immune system from using clean water.
  • Everybody can afford to buy it because it is not too expensive.
  • One of the best ways to purify wasted water to clean water.

You will notice even a small detail that your ice cube can be clear and white. And because your drinking water system produces all the water you will need so you don’t have to bother about running low. Remember that just because your water looks clear doesn’t mean it is clean. So with this technology you can always enjoy fresh, clean water yourself and furthermore your family as well.

Jump starter buying guides

No matter how good you take care of your car, there will always be some worst case scenario that will prevent you from departing when you need the most. For situation like those, having a jump starter is like having a lifebuoy when you are about to drown. Nowadays, it is really convenient to get a jump starter from a local dealer or a retailer. However, to get the most suitable for you, that requires some knowledge, which this article will gladly provide for you.

Jump starter

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Best jump starter” is a subjective definition. It depends on what you use the machine for and in which situation.  Here is the list of features that you should consider when buying one.


The technical term for this is Cranking amps or Cold cranking amps and the higher the number is, the better. This number on your jump starter does not need to match that of your car battery. A higher number is OK while a slightly lower one might do the trick as well.


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If you have more than one car in the garage, you will only need one jump starter for all. If it can jump starts the largest car in the house, the rest will be a piece of cake. You don’t have to worry about overloading as the jump starters will deliver just enough power to kick start your car.

If your battery is completely out of action, use the highest Cranking amps possible. Only it can bring your dead batter back to like.

Reverse Polarity Protection Feature.

The process of reviving your car battery is as follow:
Connect the red part of the battery to the positive part of the car.

Then connect the black part to any plain metal of the car.

It is as simple as that. However, if you get it wrong, your car battery and its electrical system will suffer the consequences. Hence, you will need the feature I just mentioned above so that you will hear an alarm if you connect them wrong.



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Some jump starters have some cool additional features like flashlight in case your car is dead at night and some other cool stuff. Keep in mind though, they will add more to the price so go for it if you really want those features and if your wallet is thick enough.


The bigger it is, the more power it will deliver and it can function in extreme weather as well. While at the other spectrum, the smaller it is, the easier it is to carry around. Therefore, I’ll say that it depends on your personal preference. If portability is your key feature, then go for a compact one. If power is your main criterion, go for a bigger one. You can even meet halfway and get the one that can fit into the back of your car and easy to move around as well.

That was it from me. I hope this was enough to help you buy the best car. As a token of thank you for reading this article, here is the link for you if you want to read more best portable jump starter reviews.

Some Accessories That You Need To Prepare In The Camping Tents and sleeping bags

Usually, you can rent, but now the cost of buying a new tent is not too expensive. The issue of concern is the size of the tent, water resistance and full ventilation for everyone in the tent as well as resistance to insects. Besides it, you can visit here for getting more information about 10 person tents

Prepare for camping

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Normal sleeping bags are not rented out, and as a personal, you do not want to borrow or borrow a sleeping bag. As with tents, current sleeping bag prices are inexpensive, and with erratic weather, you just need a neat, sleek sleeping bag.

Sleep lamp: 

Sleep lamp

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f you are sleepy (without opening the lamp) and can also move in the dark, the night light is not necessary (maybe the moon is more light than the lamp). For most children in an unfamiliar environment, a small amount of nighttime light is needed. You must pay attention in case of using a night light is safe for everyone, especially when there are children under ten years old. It is best to use a battery-operated light


Make sure the flashlight is close to the door and everyone knows where it is so that in the event of outings in the dark, you can find it immediately or in an emergency.


Cooking utensils: pots, pans, saucepans, chopsticks, spoons, bowls, knives, chopping boards, chopping boards, water jugs, drinking glasses, oil stoves or mini gas stoves, oil or gas

Clothes and some accessories

A basic first aid kit (available for sale) includes bundle cloths, disinfectants, painkillers, allergy or insect bites, mosquito repellants, creams for burns, diarrhea medications…


Camping clothes and accessories

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Prepare according to the weather of your area and where you are coming from. Prepare just enough clothes for the number of days of the trip and the intended use. Do not bring too much with real demand. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, comfortable clothing that has plenty of storage. You should also wear a soft suit to wear to bed at night.

Travel shoes that are soft, padded in the sole, easy to move and do not slip, during trips to damp areas or rainy weather you should use waterproof shoes completely. Head cap: it is best to be soft, airy.

Cameras, lenses, film (if used film camera), camcorder: 

helps you keep the photos for the trip. If you are a photography expert, give your friends a group of tips to prepare for your trip. If you only use a small, automatic camera you should be careful to check the camera carefully before the trip.


It would be interesting if you could watch the birds singing or looking for food in the morning with lightweight binoculars. Binoculars also give you the right direction for choosing the right track or destination from a distance.

Mobile phones: You should choose a good phone that has good reception and use the best telephone service provider in remote areas, you should choose good brands.

Useful tips for using 18650 battery

Only until recently that 18650 battery become popular due to the increase of vaping and other uses. People buy 18650 for their vape, e-cigarette, flashlight, and phones. But many people are having problems with using this battery, most of them were how to maximize the performance of their 18650 and how to use it properly. So today, I’m gonna show you my tips when using the 18650 battery. If you want more here is our 18650 battery review, hope you’ll find it useful.

Tips 1: Always buy the battery from trusted source.

26650 battery

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Not just with 18650, I’ve always tried to purchase all the products that I want from a good source. It’ll cost you more but will definitely save more in a long run. Some of the brands that I’ve had the chance to use their products are Sony, Samsung, and LG. As far as until now, I’m very satisfied and totally agree with their price.

Tips 2: Never use the low-quality charger.

For your safety, please don’t buy a charger from unknown sources. Only use the charger that is recommended for your battery. Don’t get over-excited from a charger that could recharge your battery quicker than normal. This charge often uses a larger current power that makes your battery become full faster. But doing this too much will make your battery less stable and shorten its life cycle.

Tips 3: How to recharge properly.

Don’t discharge your battery, especially when the battery is almost full. This is called “deep discharge” and it’ll cause your battery to run out faster and less stable. Stop using the device if the battery temperature gets too high. It’ll shorten your battery lifespan and reduce its capacity.

Proper charger

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Never charge your battery using high-current-charging. Most 18650 only use the charger that has the input of 1A. Although higher current may help you reduce charging time, there are more risks than what you can get.

Tips 4: Avoid overnight charging or charging in a long period of time.

Even though I’ve said that we should charge our battery with proper input, it doesn’t mean that you should just leave your battery with the charger plug in all night. There are a lot of things could happen during that time. Your input electric current could change suddenly, thus make the charger can handle it and cause a fire. Or your battery may get overheat due to being overcharged. This can shorten your battery lifespan, or worst, make your battery explode due to overheating.

Tips 5: Make sure that the plastic shell is in good shape.

Take a look at the cover of your battery, there shouldn’t be any damage on it. If there are, you need to consider changing your battery since it is a sign that your battery is often be overheated. Using your battery at this state is really dangerous and unwise.

Tip 6: Change the battery

Battery ran out

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If your device is using multiple batteries, you need to replace all of them at once when you want to change the battery. If the power and capacity in each battery don’t cope with each other, the device won’t work properly.

Tips 7: Never let the battery ran out.

Leaving your battery without any power is the fastest way to make it become unusable. Remember to fully recharge your battery even when you don’t use it. If you need to put it away, remember to recharge first, then store it at somewhere dry and dark. Don’t let it expose to the sun or direct heat. When you don’t need your battery anymore, wrap it, put it in the specific trash can. Don’t mix battery with other types of rubbish. The battery might explode

Introduction about types of air compressors on the market

Currently, there are many types of air compressors on the market, for new users not much information will be easy to make mistakes, this article will give you a comprehensive understanding of the type of compressors on the market. It makes it easy to distinguish the types of compressors to choose the type of machine that suits your needs. Besides it, you can visit here for getting more information about small air compressor reviews

What is air compressor? – What is compressor used for?

Air compressor


Air compressors are machines (mechanical systems) that increase the pressure of the gasses. Compressors are used to supply high-pressure gas to industrial machinery systems to operate them, to start high-powered engines, to run compressed air engines or to machines and equipment of many. Other majors …

Types of compressors according to the mechanism of operation:

  • Circular motion compressors:

The compressor uses the circular motion of the screw using two pulleys connected to the two shafts of the gear into smaller volumes. They are used extensively when it is necessary to work continuously in commerce and industry and can be fixed or moved. Their working ability can range from 5 to over 500 HP, from very low pressure to very high pressure (8.3 Mpa).

This type is used to supply compressed air for many types of machine tools. They can also be used for engines with air intake pressure pumps such as cars or planes.

  • Moving air compressor:
Moving air compressor:

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Reciprocating motion compressor using a manual rotary piston. Can be fixed or moved, can be used separately or in combination. They can be controlled by electric motors or internal combustion engines.

Small-displacement piston compressors with a capacity of 5-30 horsepower are commonly used in automatic assembly and non-continuous motion applications.

Large air compressors can have the capacity of up to 1000 horsepower used in large industrial assemblers, but they are often not used as much as they can be replaced by moving compressors. Round of gears and screws at a lower price.

  • Centrifugal compressors:

Centrifugal compressors use turntable or wheel rotors to squeeze gas into the edge of the impeller to increase the speed of the gas. The diffuser of the machine converts the energy of the speed into the pressure. Centrifugal compressors are often used in heavy industry and continuous work environments. They are usually fixed. Their power can range from hundreds to thousands of horsepower. With a centrifugal compressor system, they can increase the output pressure by more than 10000 lbf / in² (69 Mpa).

  • Convection air compressor:
convection air compressor

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Convective compressors use a rotor system in the rotor to compress the air flow. The stator’s fixed rotor located at the bottom of each rotor pushes the air directly into the rotor system of the next rotor. The space of the air path decreases gradually through the air compressor to increase the compression. Compressed air compressors are often used when high currents are required, such as in large turbine engines. In the case of a pressure ratio below the 4: 1 ratio, it is often the case that geometric adjustments are used to increase the efficiency of the operation.

  • Combined air compressor:

Compressed air compressors are similar to centrifugal compressors, but the velocity is symmetric at the rotor angle. Diffusers are often used to convert mixed air into convection. Combined compressed air compressors have a smaller diffuser diameter of equivalent centrifugal compressors.

  • Rolling air compressors:

Air compressors in rolls, similar to a rotary screw-operated rotary device, consist of two rolls of helical inserts for compressing air. Its output pressure is unstable by the use of conventional screw air compressors, so it is less used in industry. It can be used as an automatic loader, and in air conditioning systems.

  • Air compressors with filter:

Compressed air compressors are used to compress hydrogen and compress natural gas. General air compressors are located above the containers to hold the compressed air. Often, oil or free-flow compressors are used as much as oil enters the air stream. But in the case of compressors for divers, even the smallest amount of oil is unacceptable.

Baby stroller buying guides

Baby stroller

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If you already have a baby, then you should know how difficult it is to carry them around while strolling on the street. Because of that, baby strollers were invented to help parents all around the world. However, do you know what to look for when buying this device for your kids? If not, we are here for you. In this article, we will show you what criteria you need to look for so as to buy the most suitable one for the baby.



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Top priority criteria for any baby stroller because your baby is very fragile and delicate. You should look for 5 point harness system instead of 3 point one. This will secure your kid in place during transportation. It should also have a good braking system so that you can safely stop the stroller whenever you want. Another thing is the sun, rain, and UV protective cover. These things will keep your kid safe from all kinds of weather elements.


The more you pay, the better the stroller is going to be, it is usually like that. However, there are some high-quality strollers available at a reasonable price as well. You should ask your friends beforehand or do a quick search on Google to know what price range you should expect. This should keep you from overpaying or getting a false bargain from sellers.



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An important factor to consider. After all, it’s your baby who will use this most of the time. A comfy stroller should have the followings: adjustable, padded, reclined seat; sufficient space; great view, etc. A quick way to tell whether or not it is comfortable for your baby is to take him out for a test ride. If you see him laughing and smiling in it, then you know what to do.


You are going to use this for about 2 years so you want to make sure that your stroller last as long. It should be able to take on some heavy hitting as well like taking your kid traveling, for instance. You should look for frames made from steel or aluminum and wheels made from polymer or pneumatic ones.



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By this we mean that it must be easy to use or use-friendly. You should be able to quickly open the stroller for use or easily unfold the stroller for storage. The seat and canopy should be easy to clean as your baby can get a bit naughty and stain them. Another thing is that you should be able to repair the wheel or the canopy without too many problems. And lastly, an easy to understand manual should come along with the stroller so as to help you help you with all of the above.

That should be everything you need to keep in mind when buying a stroller for your kid. To help you even more, please have a look at the following link. It contains the list of best double jogging stroller and many other types of strollers currently on the market. We wish you luck with your purchase.

When can baby eat solid foods?

Feeding baby

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Starting to feed your babies cereal is a huge milestone in their development process. But the most common question that I’ve been asked is when and how to giving babies cereal since their digestive system aren’t fully developed yet. So in this post, I’m going explain to you how and when can your babies eat solid foods.

The proper age for feeding your child solids is between the sixth and twelfth month. And your baby must develop the basic skills to eat.

Common signs:

When they are ready for cereal, they will show you signs that tell you that they want solid foods:

  • They need to have a good head control and are able to sit upright.

    Common signs

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  • They must lose the reflex to push solid food out of their mouth. This reflex is necessary when they are first born but they should fade away as your baby starting to grow.
  • He (or she) show interest in food. They begin to observe other adults eating, trying to reach for food, exciting when tasting new food, open their mouth when receiving food,…)
  • They are able to chew and swallow (starting to grow teeth, chewing stuff)
  • They become hungry even when being feed with 8 – 10 times of breast milk.
  • Their weight is about twice their birth weight.

And do not solid feed your baby too soon. Because babies that had been giving solid food before the 4th month has a higher risk of becoming obese. And giving them solid food too soon could affect their development. Infants still need mother milk until they turn 1 to be fully developed. You should combine feed your babies cereal along with giving them milk or formula.

Important advice:

Important advices

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Before start feeding your babies with cereals, you should consider the ingredient inside them. Avoid products that could cause allergies. And you shouldn’t feed them large bite to avoid hiccups. Find out how to get rid of baby hiccups in our website.

Although there is no official recommendation but most people usually start feeding their child solids by giving them single-grain cereal mixed with veggies. Remember to introduce one food at a time and wait for 2-3 days for allergic signs. If your baby show signs like vomiting or diarrhea, you should have a talk with the baby doctor.

Add breast milk if you feeding your child with cereal. They will love it more and eat more.

And remember, breast milk or formula is still your child’s main source of nutrition in their first 12 months so don’t just rely on cereal or solids. And even when being fed with cereal, your baby still need the same amount of milk or formula.

You should feed your baby when he (or she) is having a good mood. Begin with a bottle of breast milk then start with the cereal to take advantage of the hunger. That way, your child won’t feel frustrated with the new type of food.

Make sure they sit upright, a feeding chair is the best for the job. While feeding, try to distract your babies by using a toy or goofing with them.

Learn About The High-Quality Mattress

High quality mattress

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Many Brands Of The High-Quality Mattress

In the past few years, the market of high-grade mattress constantly appears many new names. Consumers will be extremely confused to choose a suitable mattress. Just type the keyword “advanced mattress” immediately the search page will return hundreds of thousands of results with many products of various brands and different prices. With only a few hundred dollars, consumers will have a mattress advertised as “high-end mattress, ” or you may have to lose thousands of dollars to own a mattress imported from well-known brands of Italy, England, Japan, Malaysia, …Besides it, you can check here for get more information about Mattress for stomach sleepers .

Variety Of Choices About The Manufacturers

Mattress manufacturer

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Although a high-grade mattress of the world famous brands such as Permaflex, Dunlopillo, Goodnite … are a  price but still the first choice of consumers because of good quality, beautiful design, warranty For years, and especially these brands have always put the issue of user health on the top. Those who have a habit of using domestic goods or those with financially limited levels will choose to use the premium products of domestic and joint venture brands at a lower price.


Mattress Affect Directly To Your Health

Using a bad mattress will adversely affect the health of your family, the mattress is also not an item you can readily leave when you feel dissatisfied. So,



when buying a new mattress for the family, especially the high-grade mattress, look to reputable mattress distributors to choose genuine products that have a clear origin.

On the market there are many different mattress products, each type of mattress has different advantages and disadvantages, so the consumer you need to choose the product that suits the requirements of each person.

Some Types Of Popular Mattresses 

cotton yarn pressed Mattress 

This type is suitable for the elderly or joint pain, aches because of hardness, not subsidence and flat. Also, this type of mattress can fold to 2 – 3 should save space for small spaces.

spring Mattress 

Spring mattress is more used in summer because it is quite cool. Also, this product is suitable for people who are heavy weight, overweight.

natural rubber Mattress 

Mattress types


Natural rubber mattress has the absolute advantage of keeping the spine straight while lying down. In addition to the classic style with a vent and traditional leather color, mattress firms have launched a variety of ventilated, airy, ventilated, fire-fighting massages. Looks better with clean white. However, there are some latex mattresses that use chemical deodorant, which can cause redness on the skin during early use.

Learning About of Playing HEADAMP and Headphones


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To correspond to hear from the headphone sound, a student spent more than 1,000 dollars to buy a headphone that he loves. And yet, the player that he’d bought student cost nearly $ 2,000. And to complete the collection, he added a HEADAMP shopping for almost 1,000 dollars. In total, with the ‘gear’ for a total value of approximate headphones over 4 thousand dollars.

Tony, a store employee a sound in a big city, who recounted the story on, added: “The students now have headphones hobby very sophisticated and professional, rather than put money into the game or other things, then you decide to choose to play audio, headphones playing .” If you want to find the best headphone, I recommend you to visit here for get more information about best headphones under 100 on the market.

HEADAMP – A Device Supports Audio For Headphones


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HEADAMP (headphone amplifier) ​​is a device used to amplify sound, similar operational amplifier (sound-isolation) in music system, family karaoke. The difference of HEADAMP than conventional amplifier is a compact device, used for portable music players, phones, and sometimes a laptop.

HEADAMP, as well as any special equipment other audio, for those who have high demands on the quality of the music. As well as a basic sound system must include Disc player (audio source), amplifier, and speakers; portable music players to have the 3: a digital audio sources such as portable music players or mobile phones, HEADAMP, and headset

The majority of the music player or mobile phone has a built-in amplifier; users simply plug the headphones into the audio enjoy. However, for more demanding, players needed a professional equipment and specialized as HEADAMP to do a better job of the audio amplifier, which for better music quality.

There is no documentation about the life history of HEADAMP but clearly, it appeared after the amplifier media, and perhaps following the date of mobile music devices. When the demands of the portable music player up, a device like HEADAMP to birth is necessary.


credit: mytekdigital.com

Headphone And DAC

Before buying HEADAMP, required to have a headphones ‘genuine’ and a source of good music. Because of course if poor quality music source, or not enough expensive headphones, the plug HEADAMP like is amplified to add to the poor nature of the music.

A good headset depending on the money to own, though more expensive, the price difference between them more difficult to find. With ordinary users, at prices ranging from 100 to 300 dollars for an earpiece is enough. The popular brand headphones often have seen as Koss, Audio-Technica, AKG, Beats, Sennheiser … In the higher price range, only the professional players to evaluate the difference between the headset.

According to Tom, a player often coordinates and combine a player with HEADAMP, while the mobile phone, Tom often advise customers to buy a device 2 in 1 is HEADAMP / DAC, the newly enhanced sound quality. Because DAC (digital-to-analog converter) is the device decode the digital signal from an analog signal to the (analog), helps improve sound quality for mobile phones, combined with existing features will HEADAMP create a good mobile player including mobile-HEADAMP / DAC-headphone.


Some Effective Ways to Clean Water in The Aquarium

Aquarium water

credit: thespruce.com

If you have aquariums, the water bottle in the tank automatically will save a lot of time and effort. Even more people because too much water changes will make water and fish die. To solve this problem, I would like to share with you one of the following ways highly effective in keeping water in the fish tank is always clean. Besides it, you can check here for getting best canister filters on the current market. The canister filters is the most useful device to process the water.

Using Biological Additives

Certainly, the fish tank that you must have to use a good water filter system operate 24 / 24h, the new fish tank clean is a part, but you can use more combinations of substances. They are derived from raw materials biological water purification in the tank; the additives increase efficiency always keeping a clean aquarium water as well as limit the pathogens causing the aquarium.

Biological Additives

credit: swallowaquatics.co.uk

  • The biological additive effect of the individual classification of waste disposal and waste products, excess food in the tank, the solids suspended in water, while increasing the oxygen content in the water to fish.
  • Help for the water in the tank that has not Moss: There are several species of fish can not keep with the clean tank, so your lake often appears heavy or light green moss if the moss that was not visible to the naked eye is. You rub your hand on the glass in the pool will see the viscous layer. Biological additives will handle this matter.
  • Promoting the development of beneficial bacteria for aquarium fish, destroy the harmful bacteria
  • Prevention, prevention of some diseases common in the aquarium
  • When using biological additives to clean the water, then you absolutely should not use disinfectants, antibiotics directly, as this will reduce or lose the effect of additives bio.

Currently, on the market that sells a wide variety of biological additives for water treatment in the aquarium, you must check the products, their credibility before use

Using Probiotics

In addition to the enzyme as protease, lipase, amylase, lactose … also provide additional beneficial live bacteria were prepared in the form of small particles to:


credit: shopping.crediff.com


  • Biodegradable waste thoroughly, fish leftovers
  • Removes foul smell of the fish tank, clean and beautiful watercolors helping to stabilize in the long term
  • Addition of beneficial microorganisms for aquarium and help curb the healthy fish pathogens
  • For the soft drink sea water, mix …
  • Use same time dosage prescribed.


Using the

Canister Filters

credit: canisterfilterguide.com

Classification In The Aquarium Filter

Biological filtration: this is the most important filter in the aquarium because it kind of hazardous waste

Mechanical filter: This filter type does not help water and dirt

Chemical Filter: This filter type can stabilize the chemical composition of your aquarium. Chemical impurities dissolved in water, so often a mechanical filter can not remove them, but the chemical filter can do this. Filter type is the most common chemical used carbon filter

UV lamp: This type of work helps kill harmful bacteria, algae and parasites exist in aquarium